Everyone’s been talking and following our K & Co. Media Fitness Guru, Gillian Young. She’s the talk of the town! Her clients have been loving the transformation they’re feeling in their bodies, souls and minds while personally training with Gillian! She’s acquiring quite a fan base all over the world, while companies have been seeking her out for endorsements, product launches, fitness modeling and more. She’s even got a great and helpful MEAL PREPPING Food Guide on it’s way (look out for that next). But, most of all, we’re going crazy about her Fall fitness merchandise coming soon, including new hats, T-shirts, cropped tanks, sweatshirts and more. She’s already started pre-orders because the last time, we sold out in a matter of days! Be sure to get on the list and join the GYB Community and reserve your designs and space in her training programs. To sign up for fitness, meal planning and personal training, please visit Gillian Young’s website at www.GilianYoung.com.