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K & Co. Media’s professional Marketing Consultants are unlike any others. They offerone on one creative and practical strategies to assist you with all your marketing andmedia needs. They have a proven track record of winning, with over 25 years workingwith leaders of industries, talented individuals and companies from around the world.

Let our K & Co. Media Consultants share their secrets and tips, offering you and your company a creative approach to your marketing needs. Everyone deserves to have a Consultant that cares about their success. This is what you get when you hire one of our Marketing Consultants. They will give you the tools to stand out and shine in your industry.

Benefits of Consulting With a K & Co. Media Expert?

  • You get access to experienced Marketing Consultants who have worked with some of the
    world’s leading enterprises, as well as, many diverse small businesses, startups and talent.
  • You get strategies, suggestions and tools to immediately implement into your business
  • You get undivided, personal attention from Marketing experts.
  • You get instant clarity about what issues or problems are holding back your marketing and
    online presence.
  • You get the practical tools you need to gain greater exposure and the promotion you deserve.
  • You get marketing secrets which result in increased sales.
  • You learn how to be consistent and cohesive in all your marketing
  • You get a fresh approach on your visuals and overall look of your company
  • You find out what your company’s message is really saying about you
  • You define your message and your WHY
  • You save thousands of dollars with “how to” ideas and fix-it’s so you can implement into your business.

What You Can Expect?

What can you expect from K & Co. Media Consulting? …. A fresh and positive marketing approach to your business. Let our K & Co. Media Consultants help bring you the ideas, motivation, inspiration and creativity your company, service and business deserves. Isn’t it time to invest in YOU and get the practical ideas you need to take your company to the next level.

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CEO+ Marketing Strategist + Producer + Artist Manager + Event Planner + Philanthropist

Katana Natasha is the CEO, Creative Director, Marketing Strategist and Consultant for K & Co. Media. With over 20 years of marketing and entertainment experience, management and PR, Katana is an expert in her field and knows how to set trends, influence the public and grab attention. She works and continues to work with celebrated and influential companies, artists and individuals, developing marketing campaigns with a special focus on “media buzz”. She sits on a lifetime of media, magazine, TV, radio and video/film experience. She’s an Artist Manager, representing many talented individuals and has helped to ignite the careers of many. She comes with experience in travel, hospitality and has toured with many talented musicians and bands. Her specialty is event-planning services and hosting with all the bells and whistles. She loves to bring her client’s ideas to life. She’s produced and created multiple events, fashion shows, award and car shows, concerts, festivals and tournaments. Katana’s heart is about philanthropy and giving back. She delights in engaging in charitable endeavors aimed at bettering our world.  In 2017, Katana became the Global Ambassador to World Radiance International, the organization whose focus centers upon empowering youth and assists the underprivileged in Africa and throughout the world. Her marketing tips and secrets are sure to help increase your company’s awareness and effectively establish your brand in the marketplace, among select media, celebrities and clientele.


Creative Technician + IT + SEO + SEM + Online Marketing Strategist + Website Designer + Brand Development

Nicole is our International Marketing Director for K & Co. Media, running our offices in Australia and New Zealand. Nicole is officially our “IT” girl, running the tech side of things for K & Co. Media, specializing in SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Website Development and Design, Digital Advertising, Pay Per Click and Google Analytics.