We are proud to announce our clients Bluyonda, modern classic scarves, created out of the finest and most precious and exquite 100% silk fabric being sold all over the world. Owners and designers from Australia, identical twins Dallas and John Heaton are travel photography veterans and photography is their passion. An early assignment was photographing China for Thai International Airlines in 1982 and they were amongst the first independent foreign photographers. Over 35 years Dallas and John have created beautiful travel themed images – their work appearing in many diverse formats such as National Geographic publications, postage stamps in France and exteriors of Hong Kong trams. Being identical twins, they have innately attracted curiosity and interest which often dissolved barriers and led to unique photo opportunities. “The artwork for our silk scarf collection is re-living our photography in a fresh way. Using a variety of techniques our challenge is to create a captivating image, often from nature’s details, that looks beautiful as a scarf.” They have been in the scarf business for years and everyone is loving these unique, one of a kind fine scarves. Be sure to get yours today at a very affordable price, too. Stay posted for their brand new Bluyonda website coming soon.