Artist Management is the contemporary side of K & Co. Media PR.  The function of this department is to manage the careers of our mainstream artists.  We assist our musician clients with their identity, imaging, packaging, PR and overall marketing needs.  Whether an artist is just getting started or well established in the business, K & Co. knows how to generate even more attention, helping them further advance in the entertainment business.  K & Co. also partners with record labels and managers, further assisting with their signed artists, helping them get to the next level.  K & Co. ensures that the area of our music business works heavily across the commercial and independent sectors, giving artists full control and a wide range of options for the progression of their career.  Together we strive to create a new plateau for the music and entertainment industry.  The artists and managers who work within K & Co. hold a wide range of experience, covering many different styles of music from jazz, hip hop, rock, pop and more.  K & Co. is active with the day-to-day music business, ensuring that we are at the forefront of commercial management and consulting.