Artist Management is the contemporary side of K & Co. Media The function of this department is to manage the careers of our mainstream artists and help clients with their over-all “look”, image, packaging, social media, PR and branding. We assist our musician clients with all their marketing and entertainment needs. Whether an artist is just getting started or well established in the business, K & Co. Media knows how to generate even more attention, helping them further advance in the entertainment business. The artists who work with K & Co. Media hold a wide range of experience, covering many different genres of music from jazz, hip hop, rock, pop and more. K & Co. Media is active with the day-to-day music business, ensuring that we are at the forefront of commercial management, imaging and consulting.


Our K & Co. Media clients are icons, visionaries, renowned experts, leading brands and award-winners. We represent both nationally and internationally known clients in the areas of music, film, sports, retail and books and work with some of the world’s leading speakers and authors who inspire and entertain audiences around the globe. We help navigate the careers of our mainstream artists and entertainers to continue to build their careers and businesses. For booking our trend setting and most talented clients, please email


Leading artists in electronic, pop, rock, country, Christian, hip­ hop, R&B, film scoring and beyond –
the headliners and hit makers who are making an impact in the industry.


Actors, directors, writers and producers who cross every genre and platform.


Renowned actors, directors, writers and choreographers who are responsible for critically-acclaimed productions, ranging from original works to revivals of Broadway classics.


Big names in television, film, music, sports, media and politics, as well as best-selling authors,
world-class chefs and health and wellness experts who inspire audiences.


Leading voices including internationally bestselling authors, critically acclaimed writers,
award-winning journalists, thought leaders and up-and-coming talent.


Leading voices including internationally bestselling authors, critically acclaimed writers,
award-winning journalists, thought leaders and up-and-coming talent.


Leading talent for all voice-over needs from commercials to narration.


Endorsements, media campaigns, animation and voice-over opportunities for our artists and experts.


Here is our diverse roster of clients represented by K & Co. Media, including models, fashion designers, influential image makers, photographers, artists, stylists, creative directors, production designers, motion DPs, hair and makeup artists and illustrators.


Leading athletes, models, broadcasters, fitness trainers and coaches.


Representing leading automotive companies, designers and events in the industry.


At the heart of K & Co. Media is philanthropy. We delight in engaging in charitable endeavors aimed at bettering our world. We choose to partner with companies and individuals wanting to make a positive difference. We also host, event-plan and promote many memorable and successful events benefiting multiple organizations by raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for their respective needs.

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