K & Co. Media is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our PR team, Blaire Lometti-Matthias!

Blaire is our Executive Publicist, and while she is very excited to be on board, we are equally ecstatic to have her winning personality, professional experience, stellar expertise, and overall fabulousness here at K & Co. headquarters.

A bit about Blaire:

Blaire is a phenomenal radio presence on The Morning Show and a commercial host for Clear Channel Radio 96.1. Talk about personality- Blaire’s got it all! When she’s not doing guest appearances on television, you can find Blaire working hard for us here at K & Co. as our “Idea Girl”, bringing creativity and a fresh outlook to our clients and events. Blaire is definitely our ace in the hole when it comes to creating “buzz” for our clients and fans. She is hip, current, up on all the trends in fashion and PR- and best of all she really knows how to take our clients to the next level!

Yes, she’s a star- and we’re so happy that she’s shining with us.

Welcome Blaire!

To find out how YOU can join our Team, email us at info@kandcomedia.com.